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We will take several steps to protect your confidentiality, including:

  1. Use of a project-specific ID numbers:  Your identifying information (e.g., name, address) will be separated from the rest of your responses after download.  Your responses will be linked only to a project-specific ID number. 
  2. Use of secure log-in IDs and passwords.  You will create a unique user name and password upon entering the program. 
  3. Security of electronic data.  Data collected as part of this study will be stored on secure servers at, Kineo US (our website vendor in Chicago, IL), or Mathematica (a federal evaluation firm contracted by the sponsor). 
Your information will be shared with the sponsor of this study (the Administration of Children and Families), and persons working with the sponsor to oversee and evaluate the study (including Mathematica, a federally-funded evaluation firm).  The U.S Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) may request to review and obtain copies of your records.  Your records may also be reviewed for audit purposes by authorized University or other agents who will be bound by the same provisions of confidentiality.
Additionally, according to Florida laws, if you provide evidence of abuse of a child or vulnerable adult, we will be required to break confidentiality and report this abuse to the appropriate legal authorities.  Additionally, if we determine you to be at risk for harming yourself or others, we may contact appropriate authorities or interested parties as permitted by Florida law. 
There are no costs associated with your participation in this study.

You and your partner will each be paid separately for your participation in this study; therefore, all values that follow are per individual.  If you are randomized to receive the program immediately, you will receive total payments of up to $115 ($230 per couple) in gift cards for completing program activities and research assessments on time.  Specifically:
  • $15 for completing online activities and coach calls on time
  • $25 for the mid-program survey.
  • $25 for the post-program survey
  • $25 for the questionnaire 2 months after the intervention
  • $25 for the questionnaire 4 months after the intervention
If you are initially assigned to the wait-list control group, you will be eligible for a total of $200 ($400 per couple). Specifically:
  • $50 for a survey 1 month from now
  • $50 for a survey 2 months from now
  • $50 for a survey 4 months from now
  • $50 for a survey 6 months from now

All monetary rewards will be in the form of electronic gift codes from national vendors such as and Walmart.  You will be able to choose your payment from one of these vendors.  Gift codes will be sent to you via e-mail. 

RIGHT TO DECLINE OR WITHDRAW:                                                                                                      
Your participation in this study is voluntary.  You are free to refuse to participate in the study or withdraw your consent at any time during the study.  The investigator reserves the right to remove you without your consent at such time that they feel it is in the best interest for you.

Drs. Brian Doss and Andrew Christensen are the co-developers of the intellectual property associated with the Our Relationship program.  If the program is commercialized in the future, they may gain royalties from this intellectual property.  
CONTACT INFORMATION:                                                                                          
Dr. Brian D. Doss, at (305) 284-1101 (, will gladly answer any questions you may have concerning the purpose, procedures, and outcome of this project. If you have questions about your rights as a research subject you may contact Human Subjects Research Office at the University of Miami, at (305) 243-3195 (

PARTICIPANT AGREEMENT:                                                                                          
I have read the information in this consent form and agree to participate in this study.  I have had the chance to ask any questions I have about this study, and they have been answered for me. If I would like a copy of this form, I may print it now.

Check the following box to indicate your agreement with the above statement.